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Established in 2015, Vigilent provides next-generation solutions to significantly enhance your defense, security and public safety capabilities through advanced data and communications technology.

Vigilent Defines Interoperability: Affordable, Deployable and Versatile

At Vigilent, we see the obstacles presented by complex communications structures and remove them. With solutions that create increased efficiency, not cost; solutions that are ready when you are: and interoperable solutions that increase access to critical intelligence. Our team works with your team to define your critical needs, bend technology to meet those needs and connect the dots to deliver fast results.


Increased Efficiency, Not Cost

Vigilent’s cloud-based platform requires no expensive plug-ins and can run in any browser. Using the tools you already have on hand, we can enable you to access the information you need to make informed decisions. 


Solutions that Are Ready When You Are

Our solutions allow you to rapidly gather, organize and integrate data from commercial devices and open sources so that you can see the bigger picture and respond quickly when you need to most.


Interoperable Solutions that Reduce Obstacles

Vigilent’s open-architecture platform enables you to use your existing assets, tools, and sensors - giving you instant access to critical intelligence without additional costs.

Collaborative Communication with Next Level Data Collection

Whether in a command center or in the field, our solutions connect the entire team for optimal collaboration. Collecting crucial data such as photos, asset location and vitals are in the palm of each and every team members’ hands when it matters.

Experience the Benefits of Seeing the Big Picture

We’ve created a framework for integrating sensor data into one Unified View so that you can see the big picture and make real-time decisions when they matter most.

From Homeland Security to Smart-Cities, our next generation technology solutions puts the data at your fingertips and provides the filters and communication tools necessary so that your team can act both on and off of the field.

Intelligent Solutions for Our Changing World

Our unique, open-architecture software and patented drone technology work together to help you assess, analyze and act using real data in real-time. Whether you’re on the go or working inside a command center, we can provide you with the tools you need to make informed decisions in a secure environment. 

Explore Our Portfolio of Solutions

Vigilent offers four unique products that work together seamlessly to provide you with a complete picture. Whether it’s seeing the 20,000 foot view from your desktop or using a secure way to collect and share data, we have the technology solutions you to stay informed before taking action. 


A web-based application that gathers and integrates data into a single platform so that you can see the big picture before taking action


A mobile platform created to enable secured data sharing and communication between team members or cross-functional agencies using smartphones, tablets and other sensors, located anywhere in the world


A lightweight beacon device that can emit a secure and unique signal identifying the make, model, registered owned profile, certifications, and FAA data


A fully-integrated database that ties together critical data into a centralized database for real-time use for air traffic controllers and unmanned traffic managers

Welcome to the Drone Age

The reality of drones being deployed on a mass scale for surveillance, delivery, data collection, emergency response and a host of capabilities across government, military and commercial uses is rapid approaching. Only Vigilent is fully prepared to ensure this technology can be leveraged in new and exciting ways while ensuring the safety and security of individuals and communities impacted.

Commercial Drones

The FAA predicts a fourfold increase in commercial drones by 2022, to 450,000 from 110,000 today.
- Wall Street Journal



Support the use of drones in their communities today and number is expected to rise for reasons spanning from food delivery to emergency response.
- Inc. Magazine

Days, 1 Hour, 24 Mins

In 2018, Vanilla Aircraft’s VA001 drone broke records for the longest unmanned internal combustion-powered flight in history.
- Digital Trends



The number of U.S.-based law enforcement agencies using unmanned air vehicles is expected to increase by 500% per year.
- Bard College

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Our Partners


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