The Complete Package

Vigilent developed a complete set of end-to-end software and products that utilize a unique combination of open-architecture, intelligent IoT interconnectivity and patented drone beacon technology.


v.Cop provides a single, consolidated display of relevant operating information.
  • Gathers and integrates data from any device or sensor - UAV/Drones, marine vessels, manned aircraft, satellites, cars/trucks, CCTV cameras, GPS trackers, cellular phones and audio recordings
  • Shares the information across command/management structures using highly-secure mobile IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Achieves full, real-time situational awareness and accelerates actionable intelligence solutions
  • Ideal for target identification, tracking, communication, navigation & surveillance (CNS/ATM/UTM), and command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR)


    v.Sight allows secure information sharing between team members using their smartphones, tablets, and other sensors
    • Fuses information from UAV, unattended ground sensors, body attached sensors, information systems, biometric devices, and autonomous
    • Sharable with other team members or cross functional agencies anywherein the world
    • Enables more dynamic-adaptive-higher-speed “response” leveraging collective capabilities
    • Allows information sharing of data, pictures, maps, floor plans, statistics and other intelligence, as well as text messaging and full acuity


      Fully-integrated database which ties together critical UAS/drone data into a centralized database for real-time use by the FAA and other unmanned traffic managers.
      • Vigilent’s patented UAS/drone beacon technology emits a unique signal for each UAS that transmits the make, model, registered owned profile, certifications, and FAA data.
      • The National Drone Registry assigns a 12-digit identifier to each drone, which is then managed within a real-time data base for use by the FAA and other unmanned traffic managers.
      • v.DNS delivers the 5-Ps: People, Platform, Payload, Permissions and Pathways
      • Enhances public safety and security through Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) for commercial airspace, detect and avoid (DAA), safe separation distance and geo-fencing among others.


        A patented device that can emit a secure and unique signal identifying the make, model, registered owner and operator, certifications and other appropriate FAA data.

        • Ideal for enhancing public safety and homeland security to identify the presence of unmanned aerial vehicles and their location and trajectory.
        • Capable of integrating into Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) for commercial airspace, detect and avoid (DAA), safe separation distance, geo-fencing, etc.
        • Currently the subject of an Urgent Needs Requirement with a US military agency to establish I.F.F. (Identification-Friend and Foe). This pilot project will establish the bonifides of v.PASS for this critical mission.
        • Can enable Law Enforcement, Smart City Initiatives and First Responders, to identify the owner and controller of a drone, and to enhance Counter-UAF capabilities.

        The heart of our fielded system is based on interoperability

        The Vigilent system is a Cloud-Native Application, with an open architecture enabling interoperability.  The system is architected to support scalability, adaptability, secure ingress and egress of data, integration with other systems, and is adaptable to policy/legislation, security and variable levels of access.

        Our flexible deployment means it can be hosted on your own premises (FAA Cloud), in the Vigilent Cloud, or with any 3rd-party cloud-hosting provider (AWS, Rackspace, Azure, etc.) The system will also enable future distribution of the IoT analytics between the core cloud and the edge of the network (e.g., analytics on the edge cloud and the big data analytics on the core cloud).

        Vigilent’s equipment agnostic platform enables easy addition of legacy assets, tools, and sensors; and creates a common operating environment across the NAS, enabling superior informed data-driven ATC decisions in dynamic situations with instant access to critical intelligence.

        So, while many may claim that USS-to-USS communication is among the most technically challenging capabilities demonstrated in TCL3, we have already pushed past those barriers with our interoperable solutions.  We have demonstrated that drones, operating simultaneously in a wide variety of commercial applications like search-and-rescue, industrial inspection, and logistics, can be operating in shared dimensions while connected to a variety of USS platforms.  These differing USS platforms will talk to each other in a way that drone traffic can be managed safely, securely and efficiently in congested airspace.

        Why does interoperabilty matter?

        Interoperability saves lives.

        Oftentimes in a crisis, local, state and federal government agencies are unable to communicate with one another. Response efforts are dramatically limited when decision makers don’t have all of the information needed to make well-informed decisions. Vigilent is the switch that can be flipped to put residents, volunteers, first responders and decision makers on the same communication platform when it matters most.

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