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Vigilent  offers a proven, fielded  solution for data and communications interoperability based on an open-architecture design. No matter what technology you are currently using, we can integrate with saving time and money delivering actionable intelligence.

Our Vision

Facilitate data interoperability and fusion from any data source or sensor across any communication system to create actionable intelligence solutions

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring interoperable solutions to a broad range of communities by implementing next generation IoT Connectivity, collaboration, data fusion and analysis.

In the future, the U.S. National Airspace System will be filled with commercial unmanned aircraft performing delivery, inspection, rescue, surveillance and even taxi service. Hobbyists are already proliferating across the U.S., increasing the density of UAV operations. With so many new obstacles filling our skies, it is essential to have a unified, efficient and reliable air traffic management system to ensure that our urban airspace is safe. Vigilent’s fielded solutions are already playing a role in this future.

UAV and imagery advancements have changed how users consume intelligence and expanded mission capabilities. However, as the demand for UAV has skyrocketed, the ability to manage that demand has not. As the need to share assets and data across silos, jurisdictions, and between ground personnel grows, an interoperable, unified view in order to capture and view this complex information has not existed…until now.

Vigilent has created a suite of versatile solutions for the modern day of unmanned flight and tomorrow: v.COP for an overarching Common Operating Picture; v.SIGHT for use on mobile equipment; v.PASS for a remote identification UAS Beacon System; v.DNS for a database connected to v.PASS; and other supporting functions.

Years of Experience

Our leadership team, board and strategic advisors has more than 250 years of combined relevant experience in UAS/UAV, technology, engineering, prototyping and business. Their careers span across the defense, homeland security, public safety, law enforcement and first responder communities.

Meet Our Team

Our leadership team is made up of experts with decades of experience in unmanned aviation systems and vehicles (UAS/UAV), interoperable communications for rapid command & control systems, sensor fusion  and advanced data analytics.

Our expertise is not based in theories, but is born from experience in all aspects of UAS/UAV. From rapid deployment to mission rehearsal and training to integrated command and control solutions, we have boots on the ground experience in delivering results to the defense, homeland security, public safety and law enforcement, intelligence and the first responder communities.

John Falk

Founder & President

Falk is a proven expert with unmanned systems and interoperable communications for rapid command & control systems with sensor-fusion and advanced data analytics. He has expertise in all aspects of UAS/UAV from rapid deployment to mission rehearsal & training to integrated command & control solutions for the Defense, Homeland Security, Public Safety & Law Enforcement, Intelligence and First Responder communities. In 2017, Falk was asked to serve on the National Council on Public Safety UAS and appointed to the Aviation Committee of the International Association of Chief’s of Police.

Andrew Finn

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Finn brings to Vigilent his 23 years of professional operational and management experience in the aerospace and defense industry. He is being called upon to provide highly analytical guidance to us as a start-up with goals to operate in both the domestic and international arena. Mr. Finn’s previous work experience includes operating within the International Defense Group at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, providing financial guidance to US and foreign entities including NATO. Mr. Finn has designed and executed international business expansion strategies for several companies operating in the Middle East, Europe and Asia.  Mr. Finn is quite knowledgeable about ITAR having worked extensively with the US Department of State related to import and export of products including: electro-optic payloads, sensors, aircraft among other products. Mr. Finn has longstanding personal and professional relationships on Capitol Hill and has successfully advocated for Congressional Appropriations and engaging directly with numerous foreign embassies.  As the President of Fraser Optics, Mr. Finn negotiated and partnered with 28 new partners of which 10 were international and effectively expanding the company’s global reach. Extensive investment banking experience at Merrill Lynch, Prudential Securities and Quarterdeck Investment Partners. Mr. Finn led numerous complicated merger and acquisition transactions in the aerospace and defense industry for DRS, L3, Boeing, Raytheon, among others. His operational experience also includes serving as a Corporate Officer, Director and CFO for manufacturing companies in various stages of growth from inception to global expansion.  Mr. Finn possesses Six Sigma education, is a certified Project Management Professional, maintains an active Secret-level Security Clearance. Mr. Finn is a Strategic Advisor to ZAF Industries Inc., The Blake Group, NanoMaterials LLC and MitoSense Inc. Mr. Finn is a Proud American Veteran having served as a Captain in the U.S.Marine Corps, and was educated at the University of California at Berkeley.

John McKinney


McKinney brings over 20 years of CBRN, physical security, start-up and R&D experience, as well as a proven track record of executing on federal & private sector contracts. He was an infantry Marine and has worked with the US Navy’s Biological Defense Research Directorate in testing biological agents and evolving the Joint FBI, USDA, and FDA’s Strategic Partnership Program; Agroterror Initiative for DHS identified Critical Infrastructure.  McKinney holds a Top Secret with Sensitive Compartmented Information ability, NATO Cosmic, CNWIDI, and Criminal Justice Information Services Unrestricted Access.

Dell LunCeford

Chief Technology Officer

Lunceford has more than 30 years of technical leadership experience in computer and electronic system engineering as a seasoned architect, he has developed and validated numerous computer based systems within government-regulated environments and led large-scale, high throughput development and integration projects serving diverse user communities. Dell served our nation for more than a decade as a Program Manager and Principle Investigator for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Projects.

John P. Walsh, Jr.

CHief financial officer 

Walsh brings over 30 years of investment leadership and experience in corporate finance, corporate strategy, risk analysis, investment research and asset management.  He began his finance career with Drexel Burnham Lambert in 1986, followed by Paine Webber, Smith Barney/CitiGroup and UBS. Mr. Walsh worked in the institutional research and banking field for 14 years with several boutique firms.

Meet Our Board of Strategic Advisors

Vigilent is led by some of the brightest minds in the UAS/UAV industry. From thought leaders to retired military officials, our Board and Strategic Advisors is unmatched. Together they bring to the table expertise in technology, security, deployment, business, finance, research and development, air traffic control and engineering.



Dr. Stilwell is the Executive Director of Aerospace Policy Solutions LLC, adjunct faculty at Norwich University and one of the world’s leading authorities on integrated space and aviation policy and governance. A 25-year career as an air traffic controller, experienced labor leader and policy expert, Dr. Stilwell is also an accomplished researcher and lecturer. Her numerous publications and presentations cover a wide-range of space and aviation and public safety. Dr. Stilwell’s specific areas of expertise include FAA funding and financing structure. Dr. Stilwell served from 2010-2015 as the industry expert representing air traffic controllers on the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Air Navigation Commission and serves as an Adjunct Professor at George Washington University Elliott School of Business.



Col. DeConcini brings over 25 years of experience and leadership in law, business, congressional affairs, cyber security operations, intelligence, homeland security, military operations and aviation. As a former Air National Guard Commander, Director of Operations and F-16/F-22 pilot, Col. DeConcini has experience using advanced technology during two combat tours and on the front line. In addition to serving as a member of our board, Col. DeConcini also serves in the Virginia Air National Guard.



After being responsible for UAS/UAV Systems for 13 years at U.S. SOCOM, Coglianese is now the Thunder Drone Lead at SOFWERX. SOFWERX is an open ecosystem designed to bring nontraditional entities, start-ups, entrepreneurs, academia, research labs and the government together to work on some of Special Operations Force’s most challenging problems. USSOCOM with SOFWERX, assist companies that do not normally do business with the military to have a simple pathway to engage government officials on innovation and technology.



AC Grinstead recently retired from the British Royal Air Force after 30 years of service including as the Intergovernmental Co-Chairman of the Military Unmanned Aerial Systems Directorate for the British government. In this role, he assisted with the coordination of drone use and regulation with the British Ministry of Defense and Civil Aviation Authority.  AC Grinstead is a decorated officer and pilot has also served as the British lead on the Joint F-35 Program as liaison with the U.S. Department of Defense and British Embassy.  He has also served as an advisor to Fujitsu-USA as well as other leading technology companies.



Jim Tapp is the former Vice President of Corporate Business Development at Northrop Grumman Corporation and reported to the CEO and Chairman. Tapp is currently the President of Tapp Associates, L.L.C. and an executive advisor to Avascent Group.

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